Monthly Archives: April 2014

Custom Gamer Forest Train Playthrough

Today, Darren Weekes (a.k.a. Daz, the Custom Gamer) reviewed Forest Train on his YouTube channel.  This was a very positive playthrough of the mod. In particular, the use of “backtracking done right” as well as the overall presentation of enemies and mechanics.

I always appreciate video playthroughs of my work. I feel there’s no better way to understand what works and what doesn’t than watching what the player does and observing how they react to a given situation.

Daz’s YouTube channel contains many videos of mod playthroughs and they were instrumental in many of Forest Train’s finishing touches. There’s much information to glean for novice and experienced mappers alike through both his insightful commentary and gameplay actions.

Forest Train Update

Nearly two months and over 900 downloads later, my Forest Train mod for Half-Life 2 continues to do pretty well for itself.  It currently maintains an average score of 4.9 out of 5 after 21 written reviews on  Have you played it yet? 🙂