Monthly Archives: February 2015

New Release: Incision for FreeSpace 2


Today, I am pleased to release a new mission for FreeSpace 2, my first release in over 10 years.  Incision is a single player mission, compatible with both the enhanced FreeSpace Open as well as retail FreeSpace 2, which features full voice acting thanks to friends in the Source modding community.

In this mission, Alpha and Beta Wings are tasked with defending the Maia, a hospital installation, after the Neo-Terran Front has threatened to target medical facilities and vessels.

Download it here and browse the bundled incision.txt file for installation instructions.

I hope you enjoy this.  I’ve been wanting to do a throwback project for a while and it was fun to revisit the editor again after so many years.  A previous mission of mine, Nekhbet, was featured in the Sci-Fi Sim of the Year Edition of the game.