Monthly Archives: September 2015

New Release: Cascade Aqueduct for Descent 2

What’s that?  Descent 2?  You mean that game from way back in the late 90s with 360º 3D gameplay?  Yep.

I felt like making a new level for it, so I found SDLDevil, which is a Windows port of the ancient MSDOS editor for the game, and built Cascade Aqueduct.  It’s a medium-sized single player map with a water theme that uses Descent 1 robots exclusively.

It’s time to fire up your 28.8 modem and download all 66KB of this fresh Descenty goodness.  Have fun!

cascadeaqueduct1 cascadeaqueduct2 cascadeaqueduct3 cascadeaqueduct4 cascadeaqueduct5 cascadeaqueduct6

(Note: The DXX-Rebirth source port is recommended!  Level is also available at DMDB)