Monthly Archives: October 2015

New Map: Truss

Truss is a new map for Half-Life 2: Episode Two, entered in the VerticalVilleTwo level contest.  In this contest, mappers had 18 days to build a map that made use of vertical gameplay.  Truss is centered on something we have a lot of here in Portland – bridges!

truss1 truss2 truss3 truss5

You can play this by downloading the map pack and, if you enjoy it, please feel free to give it a vote.

And yes, it is a functional drawbridge, complete with counterweights!  Custom models were also used for the bridge structure itself.

New Map: Koopawing Castle for Super Mario Maker

Just a quick update – I’ve been casually making some maps for Super Mario Maker.  Koopawing Castle is my first release, which you can download using 7D57-0000-007F-D11D.

This is a castle level for New Super Mario Bros. U.  I tried to match Nintendo’s design and aesthetics whenever possible, which means no cheesy gimmicks or unfair gameplay.  Download it and remember to give it a Star if you enjoy it!