Winter Update!

It’s been a while since I last updated, so let’s cover the two big updates.

The first big update was that Precinct 17 was released for Half-Life 2: Episode Two.  You can download it here.  This is a mod that features a level, title screen, custom voice acting and choreography, and much more.

The second big update involves a trio of maps for Doom SnapMap!  One of which, Caviar, has the honor of being the Featured Map right there on the front page, which at the time of this writing has over 4,000 plays!

Caviar (NZKXJBL4)
In Caviar, you must stop a delusional UAC executive who set his sights on Demonic transformation.

Third Rail (HERFXQDL)
With the help of VEGA, the Doom Marine must restore power to an outbound tram.

Nautilus (VDAF5WMH)
Trapped in Hell, the Doom Slayer must find a teleporter to escape the spiraling Nautilus.

Thanks for your continued support, and here’s to a great 2017.