These are selected highlights from personal mapping projects I have done for various games.  I have been making maps and mods since 1997.

Half-Life 2: Episode Two

  • MAMH (LiberationVille contest entry) [Playthrough Video from Bolloxed]
    Rebels have received information that a Hunter has turned against the Combine.  Freeman must rescue this Hunter and bring it back to White Forest before the Combine euthanize it.  Fight alongside a friendly Hunter in this unique and inventive map that was a 2nd place finisher among 15 entries.

20160324091758_1 20160324091931_1 20160324092023_1 20160324092215_1 20160324092432_1 2016-03-02_00001 2016-03-03_00001

  • High Wire (ChasmVille contest entry and winner) [Playthrough Video from Bolloxed]
    Freeman must traverse a dangerous chasm using a tram near a lodge held by Combine forces in order to reach Alyx. Made in just one week, High Wire won top honors in a competition with 13 maps.

2016-02-09_00001 2016-02-09_00004 2016-02-09_00006 2016-02-09_00008 2016-02-09_00009 2016-02-09_00014

  • Truss (VerticalVille2 contest entry and winner)
    Freeman has to find a way to lower a drawbridge so a train can continue on to White Forest.  The scenic bridge was made from several custom props.

truss1 truss2 truss3 truss5

  • Camp 43 (Station60Ville contest entry and winner) [Playthrough Video from Bolloxed]
    Freeman volunteers to investigate a mysterious and disturbing distress call emanating from Camp 43, which has broadcast on a never-ending loop to all rebel stations around White Forest.

2015-08-10_00004 2015-08-10_00011 2015-08-10_00015 2015-08-10_00014

  • Avenue Odessa [Playthrough Video from Bolloxed]
    Freeman reunites with the illustrious Colonel Odessa Cubbage as the two work to escape City 17 before the Citadel explodes.  Originally built for the CityStreetsVille competition, the mod edition of Avenue Odessa adds a thrilling second level aboard a moving train.  Features extensive choreography and custom voice work.

Avenue Odessa 1 Avenue Odessa 2

  • Miter (HorrorVille contest entry)
    Trapped inside Nova Prospekt, a weaponless Freeman has to escape from his cellblock.  Fortunately, fellow prisoners have devised “Operation: Miter,” a whirling blade of death, but they were killed by Stalkers in the process of trying to build the device.  It’s up to Freeman to finish what they started and chop, slice, and hack his way out of the cellblock.

miter3 miter2 miter1 miter5

  • Cannon Beach (CombinationVille bonus map) [Playthrough Video from Custom Gamer]
    Captain Meriweather asks for assistance in disabling a Combine Autogun that is preventing rebel ships from crossing a vital harbor.  This was a featured bonus map in a competition where entrants could only use two weapons and two enemy types.  Cannon Beach features friendly Antlions.  Use and sacrifice your Antlion friends to infiltrate the Combine base and deal with a Strider.



Black Mesa

  • Bravado [Playthrough Video from Custom Gamer]
    While attempting to escape Black Mesa, Freeman’s tram is halted by a military lockdown.  In order to get the tram running again, he will have to explore an office facility chiseled into the side of a canyon wall.  One of the first single player offerings for Black Mesa, and among the Most Subscribed in its Steam Workshop, Bravado has ~3,800 subscribers and a 98% approval rating with almost 300 votes.

bravado1 bravado2

bravado3 bravado4

FreeSpace 2

  • Incision [Playthrough Video]
    In this throwback mission, Alpha and Beta Wings are tasked with defending the Maia Installation, a medical facility thought to be a critical target for the Neo-Terran Front.  Compatible with FreeSpace Open as well as vanilla FreeSpace 2, this mission contains entirely custom voice acting from several modders in the Source community.


  • Nekhbet (Selected as part of Volition’s Sci-Fi Sim of the Year Edition)

FreeSpace: The Great War

  • Marathon
  • Taranova 2: A Way Out
  • Conflict at Taranova

Unreal Tournament 2004 / Unreal Tournament

  • DM-Axlegear
  • DM-Ame

Descent 3

  • Reactor Gamma (Single player)
  • Centroid Military Base (Single player)
  • Halcyon (Very popular CTF map)
  • Elysium (Popular 1v1 map)

Descent 2

  • Cascade Aqueduct
    Take a trip back to the 1990s in this map for the 360º 3D classic, Descent 2.  Explore a robot-infested mine in this exciting map that features Descent 1 robots in a Descent 2 environment.  The DXX-Rebirth source port is recommended!  Level is also available at DMDB,

cascadeaqueduct1 cascadeaqueduct2 cascadeaqueduct3 cascadeaqueduct4 cascadeaqueduct5 cascadeaqueduct6

  • Project: Mandrill (5 single player levels + 2 secrets) (Winner of the Internet Descent Levels Contest)
  • The Phobos Encounter (4 single player levels + 2 secrets)
  • Chasm (5 single player levels + 2 secrets)