New Release: Bravado for Black Mesa (Retail)

Bravado is a new map for the retail version of Black Mesa and is now available in the game’s Steam Workshop!

While attempting to escape Black Mesa, Freeman’s tram is halted by a military lockdown at an administrative facility chiselled into the side of a canyon wall.  Freeman must restore power to the tram and, along the way, discover what happened to the scientists and guards that worked there.

This package includes a single map and the source .vmf file (inside the .vpk).  If you like it, make sure to rate, fav and comment on it!

Click here to get it!

bravado1 bravado2

bravado3 bravado4

New Release: Avenue Odessa

Avenue Odessa is a new mod for Half-Life 2: Episode Two!

Avenue Odessa 1

Based on an earlier entry for Run Think Shoot LIve’s CityStreetsVille competition, Avenue Odessa was released as a full mod with a number of improvements based on feedback and a special additional level which takes place on a speeding train!  Check it out!

Avenue Odessa 2

This mod casts you as the newest recruit in the army of the illustrious Colonel Odessa Cubbage, who eagle-eyed HL2 fans may remember from the Highway 17 chapter in which you fought off a Gunship while the Colonel cowered in a basement.  Your goal is to help the Colonel escape City 17 before the Citadel goes boom!

Although the first level of this mod was originally built for a 3-week contest, it was a pretty ambitious undertaking because it included a fully-voiced and choreographed Cubbage.  The full mod features over 80 lines of voice acted dialog, several choreographed Faceposer scenes as well as closed captions and some subtle custom particle effects.  There are also a handful of small, Easter egg reactions from the Colonel.

I hope you enjoy this mod!

New Release: Incision for FreeSpace 2


Today, I am pleased to release a new mission for FreeSpace 2, my first release in over 10 years.  Incision is a single player mission, compatible with both the enhanced FreeSpace Open as well as retail FreeSpace 2, which features full voice acting thanks to friends in the Source modding community.

In this mission, Alpha and Beta Wings are tasked with defending the Maia, a hospital installation, after the Neo-Terran Front has threatened to target medical facilities and vessels.

Download it here and browse the bundled incision.txt file for installation instructions.

I hope you enjoy this.  I’ve been wanting to do a throwback project for a while and it was fun to revisit the editor again after so many years.  A previous mission of mine, Nekhbet, was featured in the Sci-Fi Sim of the Year Edition of the game.

Freeman Award



Forest Train is a joint winner of PlanetPhillip’s “Freeman Award” for 2014, which asked visitors to rate their favorite Half-Life 2 single player mods for the year.  It shares this honor with The Masked Prisoner, another great mod you should check out.

I continue to find entertaining playthroughs of Forest Train on YouTube.  This one from Russian gamer RobosergTV stood out to me.  It’s funny how the reaction to a speeding train barreling down the tracks is the same in every language!

I’ve probably said this before, but watching video playthroughs of something you’ve built is one of the most rewarding experiences, especially when they come from halfway around the world.

New Map Released: Miter

My latest map, Miter, has been released as part of the PlanetPhillip HorrorVille Mapping Challenge. Built over the course of 17 days, Miter involves the player trying to escape from a cellblock in Nova Prospekt patrolled by those horrifying Combine abominations, the Stalkers. It includes a short stealth segment inside an infirmary as well as the assembly of the eponymous weapon, which can cut through zombies like no tomorrow!

The map also includes a choreographed scene made in Faceposer.  The source VMF is distributed as part of the HorrorVille download.