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New Release: Avenue Odessa

Avenue Odessa is a new mod for Half-Life 2: Episode Two!

Avenue Odessa 1

Based on an earlier entry for Run Think Shoot LIve’s CityStreetsVille competition, Avenue Odessa was released as a full mod with a number of improvements based on feedback and a special additional level which takes place on a speeding train!  Check it out!

Avenue Odessa 2

This mod casts you as the newest recruit in the army of the illustrious Colonel Odessa Cubbage, who eagle-eyed HL2 fans may remember from the Highway 17 chapter in which you fought off a Gunship while the Colonel cowered in a basement.  Your goal is to help the Colonel escape City 17 before the Citadel goes boom!

Although the first level of this mod was originally built for a 3-week contest, it was a pretty ambitious undertaking because it included a fully-voiced and choreographed Cubbage.  The full mod features over 80 lines of voice acted dialog, several choreographed Faceposer scenes as well as closed captions and some subtle custom particle effects.  There are also a handful of small, Easter egg reactions from the Colonel.

I hope you enjoy this mod!