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Freeman Award



Forest Train is a joint winner of PlanetPhillip’s “Freeman Award” for 2014, which asked visitors to rate their favorite Half-Life 2 single player mods for the year.  It shares this honor with The Masked Prisoner, another great mod you should check out.

I continue to find entertaining playthroughs of Forest Train on YouTube.  This one from Russian gamer RobosergTV stood out to me.  It’s funny how the reaction to a speeding train barreling down the tracks is the same in every language!

I’ve probably said this before, but watching video playthroughs of something you’ve built is one of the most rewarding experiences, especially when they come from halfway around the world.

New Forest Train Walkthrough You Have to See

In the time since Forest Train was released, I’ve had the fortune of seeing many YouTubers play it.  Yesterday, I happened to find BJ Kill Ji-Mae’s playthrough, which could very well be the greatest playthrough I’ve ever seen.  This video is notable for two reasons.  First, it’s the only one I know that demonstrates version 1.1 of the mod.  But secondly, most of the video is in Korean.  And well, you’ve just got to watch it, okay?  It’s awesome and a wonderful reminder of how the fun of video games transcends language barriers.  These are the things that make all those long hours of modding worthwhile.